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Хочу как то увековечить свой опыт работы с разными ОС и разными моделями ноутов. Выдавил из себя впечатления он Razer Blade 2014 и оставил лежать на форуме Notebookreview: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/razer-blade-2014-vs-macbook-pro-retina-15.754033/#post-9916108


Hello RB owners,

Just wanted to share my feelings and somehow consolidate them in a separate post.

Early January 2015 i became a happy Razer Blade 2014 owner with 256GB SSD. It costed a hell of money and i was the first one in 5 million city to buy it (its sold by only one retail company and they know it for sure). I had to sell my MacBook Pro 15 in order to afford such a laptop, this was scary.

I wont describe its pros as everybody knows them well (CPU, videocard, display etc).

What disappointed me most:
1. Touchpad. Touchpad!!! Synaptics does a wonderful job releasing drivers for a hell variety of hardware, and theoretically should be able to have a lot of feedback’s from the manufacturers, but they don’t. I was struggling for several days to make it feel like a MacBook, and it was always a mess. How could it be that you set scrolling sensitivity in the system for example to 5, in the Internet Explorer it feels good, but in My Computer or Control Panel it feels like sensitivity is 3 and even worse — in Google Chrome its 25. And you can’t change it !!! How do you guys live with that? The most thing i love in laptops is to sit on a sofa and browse the Web without a mouse.
To add some functionality as two finger tap (simulate right click) i had to install a separate program, hey Synaptics! WTF? Three or four finger action is a dream as well.
2. Fingerprints. Razer Blade is a fingerprints black hole, i could not touch any part of the laptop without a need to clean it afterwards. And i am not talking about the touchscreen which becomes dirty after less than an hour of use.
3. Black painting. I’ve tried to use Kensington lock in order to secure it while i am away in the office, and it easily scratched the surface so that i could see aluminium under the paint. After 3-4 days of use, i have scratched the area under WSAD with my watches and i wonder what will happen in a year or so?
4. Noise/heat. I really thought i could live with that, but no. Its hot as hell. Volcano. An hour of playing Ultra High Skyrim showed what it can. I could not stand the noise without the headphones. Every colleague of mine came to my desk to ask whats going on, is it gonna blow?
5. OS. Once i was sitting in front of RB at night just surfing the Web. At some moment of time, i’ve heard fans spinning without any reason. I have launched the Task Manager immediately in order to see the reason and saw «Malicious software Windows Defender smth blah blah» occupying 25% of the CPU (i7, the most powerful mobile CPU ever). Then it stopped. Then it started again, fans are spinning, i am annoyed.
I could not find any way for the battery icon to show percentage values. How could it be? I want to know if its 10% or 30%, is it 1 hour more or 20 minutes! Why do i have to install some crap software to display that? Oh my, i hate Windows now.
6. LED indicators. Please tell me how? How could it be that you can’t see if your laptop is charged to 100% or not? Why can’t it change from red to green when its completely charged? I don’t need a green indicator at all to know if its powered or not. And there is no possibility to change anything there. Totally useless LED functionality ever.
7. Battery. I know its a gaming laptop, but … 3 hours of browsing on a comfortable brightness … and its empty. Even when you don’t use that 870M beast. Really small MBP 13 are capable of holding 7 hours having less capacity. Why Windows can’t?
8. Scaling. I have installed several gaming programs such as Steam and … Origin. And found out that Origin does not support high DPI displays. How the hell could it be??? Origin = gaming, gaming = best quality systems ever. Even windows 8, some icons have nice resolution, some not. Some windows look nice, some not. You never ever meet such thing in Mac OS.

That’s my list. After 2 weeks of trying to adjust myself to Razer Blade i felt its enough, and went to the shop and exchanged it to a MacBook Pro 15. I could not find compromises between me and Razer Blade.
I was always a Windows fan, switched to Apple only 2 years ago. I have Lenovo T430 laptop for work and never thought it would be so much pain to move myself to an old platform at home.

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